January to March 2015

The new year and training starts for the season ahead which is quickly approaching. I have been out running with the dogs quite a bit (see the photos below), and won the 'get fit with fido 2014' Kennel club competition after loosing over 7 stone. At the launch of 2015 competition I got to meet Mr motivator who had a great time running Snoop (video on the KC website). Enjoy some photos of my amazing four.

September to December

Below are loads of pictures from our holiday in Cornwall. We have been busy training and not had any competitions.
Still amazed at the year Flash has had, going from Grade 3 to Grade 6 in one season. Dre has now been retired down to small height and he is having so much fun. Holly continues to enjoy the anysize classes. Snoop has just recently been diagnosed with testicular cancer so had to be castrated. Whilst he was under they found a mass attached to one of his mammary glands so had that removed too. He is doing well considering he is approaching 12 and has no other health problems.